We make sure that animals entrusted to us travel under the best possible conditions
We offer you our services during the sometimes quite stressful undertaking of sorting out all the paperwork required to relocate your live animals or household pets. Exporting live animals can be a complicated process, with very specific requirements imposed by the country of import and/or the country of export. We can help you with this process.

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A selection of documents & services we can help to provide

  • Health certificate issued by an official veterinarian;
  • Rabies vaccination certificate;
  • Permit applications;
  • CITES documents;
  • Legalisation of documents;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Border vet inspection;
  • Air waybill & compliance check of airlines regulations and restrictions;
  • Pickup & delivery, etc.


Some countries (e.g. Australia, Japan, New Zealand) require that an animal stays in a quarantined environment for a specific number of days upon arrival. We can make all the necessary quarantine arrangements for you.

Boarding & delivery

We book flights to all destinations. In doing so, we always make sure that the journey is the least stressful as possible for the animals. Therefore we try to book direct flights and only work with trustworthy airlines with animal friendly staff. If necessary we can organize boarding of your pet before and after the flight.

Since we have alliances with animal forwarders all over the world, we can also arrange pick-ups and deliveries at home when requested.

Travel kennel

We can provide you with a suitable travel kennel if you do not have one or if yours is not appropriate for air transportation. We also provide and place the mandatory labels on the travel kennel. Check our travel kennel section for more information.

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